We may be without sports, but Fox Sports sportscaster Joe Buck is still going to do his thing and deliver his iconic play-by-play calls. Of what, you might ask?

兄弟棋牌Well, of anything! Buck is inviting his followers to send in videos of their own everyday life for him to provide commentary of, and it’ll be for a good cause as well — he’s asking that anyone whose video he picks also donate to a cause of their own choice. As for himself, he’ll be donating to the St. Louis Community Fund.

Wonder what this might look like? Buck has already posted a sneak peek.

Over the last couple days, a rugby union commentator named Nick Heath has gone viral for also taking to social media with play-by-play calls over mundane, daily videos, and in this time without any actual sports to watch, we’re definitely enjoying this trend of non-sports things getting the sports treatment for now.



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