The knee-jerk reaction to this title may be “Well yeah, of course he’s bitter. He got cut by the team. Slow news day?”, but trust us when we tell you this one is a little different.


Since leaving the New England Patriots for a head coaching position in Detroit, Matt Patricia has struggled to find much success on the sidelines. Sure, you can blame the team’s injury problems, or just the roster itself, but overall there hasn’t been much going for Patricia. On top of that, he’s faced some adversity off the field.


Patricia once again found himself in the crosshairs, this time the angry party was former Lions tight end Garrett Hudson. After the team’s most dynamic defensive player in Darius Slay shipped off to Philly, the defensive back had a few words to say. Garrett decided to chime in as well.



Oof, if true that last one is just weird. You shouldn’t be expected to know the full history behind the team, and be ready for a pop quiz whenever your coach asks you about a tidbit.


We’ll see if Patricia and the Lions can get it going this coming season, but it seems like things are certainly a little tense in the motor city.